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Truffle Cream, Homemade (200g)

Truffle Cream, Homemade (200g)

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Signature truffle cream mixture, hand curated by our renowned in-house cheese master Madame Edith Lai-Bompard, who is also our cheese connoisseur. Edith also hand made all cheese platters and cheese hampers gift set. 


Product Information

The truffle cream mixtures are hand ladle with French cream cheese, mascarpone cheese and French crème fraîche plus a minimum of 10 grams of Black Truffle per 200 gram of cream cheese mixture, White Truffle Oil from Alba, and seasonings. All portionings are based on the cream %, each cream mixtures are subject to change to the cream products, consider is one of the rare truffle cream cheese makings to be done in-house and is made to order. Pre-Ordering is required, minimum 2 days

Size: 200 gram per tub 

Serving: Served Chilled, to serve on toast, bread crackers or tag along with any cream cheese as aperitif or cheese course. NOT FOR COOKING WITH HOT DISHES.

Shelf-life: 7 days from the date of production.

***All cheeses are to be kept in fridge with temperature of 3°C to 4°C

Photos are for illustration only. Whole piece of truffle is not part of the purchase. 

Weight: 200 gram per tub

Milk: Cow milk 

Country: France

Region: Ile de France

Servings: 30 per serving on mix selection or 50 grams for individual serving

Packing: In an ice cream kraft paper container

Storage: 3 to 4°C

Wine Recommendation

Servi=e with any Premium Champagne or strong white wine, otherwise, can go with our in house red wine collection

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