Swiss Gruyere AOP (18 months) - 200 gram

Swiss Gruyere AOP (18 months) - 200 gram

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Swiss Gruyere is one of the signature hard cheeses made from raw milk which, after a year of ripening, beguiles with its strong yet fruity taste. Its soft yet relatively firm, barely crumbly paste varies in colour depending on the season from ivory to yellow and is surrounded by a brownish, slightly moist rind. A specialty which not only enriches any cheese platter, but also lends the famous Swiss fondue.  This gruyere aged minimum 18 months old. 

Wine Pairing: A good full bodied white: Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte 2005 is recommended. Cab Sauvignon Saint Emilion, floral white. Or a light red Château Petit Village 2006 merlot based red with smooth and soft tannic palate

Strength: Mild 

Weight: 200 gram per piece

Milk: Cow Milk

Country: Switzerland

Region: Gruyères

Servings: 30 per serving on mix selection or 50 grams for individual serving

Packing: Individually wrapped on cheese paper with name tag

*Photos are for illustration only. Garnishes, decoration, tableware are not included

**Soft cheese shelf-life up to 4 to 5 days | hard cheese shelf-life up to 8 to 10 days and are subject to storage conditions after delivery. 

***All cheeses are to be kept in fridge with temperature of 3C to 4C