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Sturia Caviar "Classic" with Guelden Baerii Sturgeon (100g) - with Gift Wrap

Sturia Caviar "Classic" with Guelden Baerii Sturgeon (100g) - with Gift Wrap

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We are proudly to be the bespoke for Sturia Caviar. Sturia is the largest producer of caviar in France, near Bordeaux.  Sturia is now used by many 3 Michelin star chefs around the world. Sturia caviar has an important factor since stocks of wild sturgeons are almost finished, and the home farming and advance techniques give French caviar with rounded and firmness texture. With sea salt marination 3.3 gram of sodium gives the palate more mineral and intense!. The species of this vintage caviar is named Baerii, eggs are more aged, softer and juicy. In a way this is one of the signature branded under “Vintage”. 


Product Information

Ingredients: Guelden Baerii

Servings: 100 gram 

Consume: Served Chilled +3℃ (and storage in refrigerator at +3℃)

Serving suggestion: Blinis with chopped chives or shallots, egg white / yolk, crème fraiche and lemon. 

For Gift Offer: The tin of caviar will be place with ice packet and place in elegant acrylic box and ribbon. (see photo for sample)


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