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Prosciutto Ham, Pre-Sliced (100g)

Prosciutto Ham, Pre-Sliced (100g)

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Pre-sliced Prosciutto cured ham, ready to consume. Vacuum packed. Recommend to add onto any of the curated cheese and charcuterie platters or other signature OoH La La! hand curated rillette and country pate collections. Served Chilled


Production Information

Total Weight: 100 gram per packet vacuum sealed.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, peppers, sugar, dextrose, preservatives (potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite

Shelf Life: 3 months from the date of production

Serving Method: Pre-sliced and serve on its own as aperitif, serve with cheese fondue, store in chill temperature 3°C to 4°C

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