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Pork Rillettes, Homemade (250g)

Pork Rillettes, Homemade (250g)

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Another signature by Chef Julien Bompard, this pork rillette full of flavor without overwhelming porky smell and made with 100% shredded pork belly confit and pork fat.

Ideal to serve on toast. French "Artisan Traiteur" philosophy under multi award winning Chef Julien's control to bring you a piece of this great French culinary tradition.    


Production Information

Ingredients: Pork meat, nitrite salt & seasonings

Weight: 250 grams presented in plastic terrine tub

Shelf Life: 6 month from the date of production

Serving Method: Open the terrine, cut a slice and spread on toasted bread toast Consume within 3 days after seal is opened.


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