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Creamy Potato Gratin, Dauphinois (1.2kg)

Creamy Potato Gratin, Dauphinois (1.2kg)

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Product Information

Description: Delivery Frozen - Presentation in aluminium tray, ready to bake.

Ingredients:  Sliced potato, cream and Mozzarella cheese, nutmeg, salt and peppered. all to be frozen and presented in an aluminium tray

Weight: 1.2 Kg

Serving: Ideal for 5 to 6 persons

Shelf-life: frozen up to 3 months from the production date



Reheating Instruction

Reheating instructions:

1) Thaw an hour before reheating* 

2) Remove plastic lid before reheating.

3) Place aluminium tray in FAN OVEN (see symbol for reference) at 160°C / 356°F for 45 minutes. (temperature may various according to size and model of the oven).

4) Ready to serve (otherwise can keep warm in oven at 90°C till consumption.

*After thaw, must consume within 3 days

One of the must required side dishes for family gathering. Hand curated by Chef Julien, classic potato gratin, cooked with creamy sauces and cheeses, very authentic. Best serve with any of our main course collections.


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