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Chilled French Ham "Jambon Blanc", Whole Piece (1kg)

Chilled French Ham "Jambon Blanc", Whole Piece (1kg)

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Rare piece of pork collar from France, with fat marbling. Chef Julien personally cook and brine with salt water. Deboned. No additives or preservatives. Ideal for festive season. Size of French ham varies.  Recommend to portion cut chunky bite size and serve with cranberry sauce, orange or onion confit (separate purchase) 

Production Information

Packaging: Vacuum packed

Servings: Cut into slice or chunky chopped into cubes and serve chilled, Consider 100 per person, best to serve with our homemade cranberry sauce

Delivery Presentation:  Whole piece (netted)  maintain flavour and packed sous vide packaging. 

Weight: 1 kg

Store: chilled at +3℃ at all time 

Shelf life:  After production, 6 months shelf-life without opening. Current batch expiration till May 1st, 2024.

8 days from opening. Discolouring appears after packaging removed.


Serving Suggestion

  1. Serve chilled, slice and serve well with pickles, baguette bread and French butter
  2. Chunky chopped into cubes and serve as aperitif with pickles, and either onion or orange confit


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