Mimolette AOC 14 months to 16 months

Mimolette AOC 14 months to 16 months

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A slightly younger version of vintage mimolette, aged minimum 12 months, hard Cheese from the north of France, coloured with annatto with natural rind with mites. Every Mimolette is individually wrapped to keep the mites from spreading to other cheeses. It was created in the XVII Century as a native French alternative to the then very popular Edam. While semi-soft when young, “mi-molle” in French - hence the name, Mimolette very much enjoyed by amateur when older, dryer, harder, tastier. 14 to 16 months old mimolette gives a good yolky palette, ideal to pair along with whisky!

Wine Pairing: Goes well with Rhone Valley collection: Cote Rotie: Brune et Blonde, E.Guigal 2004, Grenache and Shiraz grapes varieties, or a lighter bordeaux with Merlot bases red wine is ideal.

Strength: Medium

Weight: 100 gram, 200 gram per portion cut

Milk: Cow Milk

Country: France

Region: Nord

Servings: 30 per serving on mix selection or 50 grams for individual serving

Packing: Individually wrapped on cheese paper with name tag


*Photos are for illustration only. 

**Soft cheese shelf-life up to 4 to 5 days | hard cheese shelf-life up to 8 to 10 days and are subject to storage conditions after delivery. 

***All cheeses are to be kept in fridge with temperature of 3C to 4C