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Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Avruga Caviar (1 Dozen)

Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Avruga Caviar (1 Dozen)

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Production Information

Serving: Consider 3 to 5 pieces per person

Packaging: Deliver in elegant disposable cup, ready to serve

Ingredients: Angel hair pasta, Avruga caviar**, olive oil, salt & seasonings

Quantity: 12 pieces / 1 dozen

Storage: Keep chilled at +3℃ 
Shell Life: 48 hours from delivery


**Avruga caviar: Smoked Herring Roe with Squid Ink


Served in disposable verrine glass cup with fork. Cooked angel hair pasta tossed with seasonings and topped with Avruga caviar. Delivered in chilled.


Canapes are an ideal elegant food items for cocktail at home, office celebration or to bring to a party, we suggest them with Champagne (sold separately). They should not be considered as a lunch or diner items. They are designed in bite size and ready to eat, average consumption up to 4 pieces per person for afternoon bites. If is for lunch or dinner, can be up to 6 pieces per person. 



*Photos are for illustration only. Container for canapé is subject to change.

 **Avruga caviar is an entree level of fish roe made with herring and squid ink jus. 

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