Buchette “Chèvre” Goat Cheese with Herbs 200 gram

Buchette “Chèvre” Goat Cheese with Herbs 200 gram

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Sainte Maure is one of the classic cheeses from Loire Valley, France. It can be made from raw or pasteurised milk of goat, this young and chalky type of Saint Maure, is more buttery and smooth cheese with little acidic & grassy flavour, adding on a bit of the Provencal herbs & fresh dill enhance this goaty more palatable. 

Wine Pairing: A rich and dense white wine is recommended: Château Smith Haut Lafitte 2005 

Strength: Mild

Weight: 200 gram per piece

Milk: Goat milk

Country: France

Région: Loire Valley

Servings: 30 per serving on mix selection or 50 grams for individual serving

Packing: Individually wrapped on cheese paper with name tag


*Photos are for illustration only. Garnishes, decoration, tableware are not included