Reblochon (Petit) AOC - 240 gram

Reblochon (Petit) AOC - 240 gram

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Reblochon is a soft washed-rind and smear-ripened French cheese made in the Alpine region of Savoy from raw cow's milk. It has its own AOC designation. Reblochon was first produced in the Thônes. Made from cow's milk


Wine Pairing: A divine Champagne or a hearty white Château Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 2005 (Cabernet Sauvignon Saint Emilion based white wine, more towards to fuller and heavier white)

Strength: Medium 

Weight: 240 gram per piece

Milk: Cow Milk

Country: France

Region: Alps Valley

Servings: 30 per serving on mix selection or 50 grams for individual serving

Packing: Individually wrapped on cheese paper with name tag

*Photos are for illustration only. Garnishes, decoration, tableware are not included