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Chorizo Iberico Sliced (100g) by Reserva Ibérica

Chorizo Iberico Sliced (100g) by Reserva Ibérica

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We are proud to collaborate with Reserva Ibérica to feature another signature produce from the farm

WHY ARE IBERIAN HAM RESERVE SO SPECIAL? The ham is acorn-fed, and pastured of Southeastern Iberian Peninsula, is a mountainous region that's most associated with the countries of Spain and Portugal. The pig is roam free and carbon free, plenty of exercise. In addition, the ham possess the texture of well-aged curing, and fat displays in a gentle consistency, rich in acorns, with oakwood, thyme palate.

Chorizio is a variety of sausage, cured and and sausage that is soften and consumed uncooked. Smoked with paprika and garlic. Pork roughly hand minced and combined with fork fragment, fat and seasonings then process into natural casings and aging and drying as one of the curing method.

Flavour: Smokey, citrus, nutty and citrus. 

Ingredients: Meat of Iberian Acorn-Fed Pork, Salt, Paprika, Garlic, Oregano, Sugar, Dextrine, Dextrose

Breed: 100% Acorn-Fed Iberico
Rearing: Free-range
Feed: Acorns & Fresh Grass Origin from Guijelo

Production Information

Total Weight: 100 gram per packet vacuum sealed.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, peppers, sugar, dextrose, preservatives (potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite

Shelf Life: 3 months from the date of production

Serving Method: Pre-sliced and serve on its own as aperitif, serve with cheese fondue, store in chill temperature 3°C to 4°C

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