Hot Meal Delivery

Chef Julien Bompard at home

Ready Meal for 2 Persons

Hot meal delivery at home after platting

Main Course Menu

Braised Beef Cheek with Mushroom Medley
Buttered Mashed Potato, Black Pepper Sauce
S$56.00  (2 Pieces)
Lamb Shank with Basil and Olive Oil Sauce
Medley of Vegetables “Ratatouille”
$56.00 (2 Pieces)
Paella Spanish Rice Specialty
Chicken, Chorizo, Seafood and saffron Rice
S$48.00 (For 2 Persons)
Beef Stew with Potato
 Medley Vegetables
S$36.00 (For 2 Persons)
Roast Quail with Black Truffle Sauce
Rosti Potato with Roast Vegetables
S$72.00  (2 Pieces)
 Spaghetti with Beef Meatballs 
 Tomato and Herbs Sauce
S$28 (For 2 Persons)
  • Delivery from 5 pm to 8 pm (Mondays to Fridays except PH)
  • Order to be placed in advance, at least 6 hours
  • Please contact us via Whatsapp:+ 65 9830 7812 for arrangement
  • Confirmation will be sent via Whatsapp (upon ordering, make sure to give your mobile number) once payment via Pay Now or PayLah is made. Whatsapp: +65 9830 7812
  • Deliver warm in an aluminium tray. Best to reheat or maintain hot after delivery. Can be placed in the oven at 160℃. If use microwave, use 800W for 2 minutes (need to change container)
  • Can request for chilled (0 to 4℃ ), if for next day consumption, keep refrigerated at all times prior to consumption. 

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