Camembert - AOC Hand Ladled

One of the iconic French cheeses. This hand-laddled Camembert when fully ripened has a yellow, supple, creamy paste enclosed in a white bloomy rind. 250gr/piece

S$ 24.00/250g

Camembert au Calvados

The strength and aroma of Camembert with the added kick of Calvados (a spirit distilled from cider). After being soaked in Calvados this cheese is coated with bread crumbs, allowing it to be impregnated deeper with the spirit. 250gr/piece

S$ 34.00/250g

Limited Quantity - Neufchatel Heart AOC Artisanal

Named after a town of Upper Normady, this cheese is on of the oldest in the region. Its taste is somewhat similar to camembert but richer, nuttier and slightly yeasty. 200gr/piece

S$ 18.60/200g

Pont-l'Evêque - AOC

With an earthy rustic taste, Pont l'Eveque, the oldest of all the Normandy cheeses has a reddish brown crust and a fine textured creamy yellow paste spread with small holes. 220gm/piece.

S$ 24.15/220g

Truffle Brie - Signature

Our Homemade Signature Truffle Brie based on the finest Brie de Meaux with a layer of rich triple cream cheese and truffle.

S$ 37.00/250g

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